About Us

Software solutions and services provider with mature processes, extensive experience and smart talent. Combining business and industry knowledge we aspire to meet the software requirements of a growing company. We have extensive in-depth knowledge to be in Application Development our experience in managing technology projects, right from selecting tools and platforms, to implementing information technology solutions has shown results.  

Keeping Total Cost In Check: We Stick to professional project management basics to bring the best technology outcomes possible in the market. we are committed to affordable and time bound professional products solutions and services.

Skills And Knowledge Advantage: Team led by Graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology works closely with clients to develop comprehensive solutions.

Fields Of Expertise: VB.NET, ASP.NET, Microsoft .NET Framework, Component Object Model, Web Services, Client Server Database, Ecommerce, Visual Basic Applications, Multimedia Presentations, Educational.


We innovate to make things simple..

Special Features

Why Custom Software is Right For Your Business.

  • You can design it to fit your business 100%
  • You are not beholden to a single technology vendor
  • You don’t pay for features that you don’t need
  • You don’t have to pay through the nose for expensive consultants
  • You can use an Agile approach to implement custom software quickly
  • You don’t incur additional licensing costs as you grow

Customer Friendly

Acceltech Softwares Pvt. Ltd. ensures that its customers get the very best from their product development. The requirements of our customers are our top most priority. Our customers come first and will receive ultimate worth and value through proficiently managed facilities, and high quality products. With the help of the clients, We offer them with products that satisfy their needs. We provide our clients most convenient access of communication within the software requirements and Let them to analyze the product in the form of demos with the regular intervals of, time. Therefore all of our clients believe on our best services and take advantages of it.