Time Table Software (AcTime)


AcTime Software 

Managing time-table manually involves calculated logic and distribution of periods among faculty, class and subject. It is a very tedious and complex process and one cannot afford to make mistakes as the whole institute can go haywire. So we need a campus automation software  like AcTime to take care of all these tasks without any errors.


Automatic Time-Table Generation using AcTime


·         It provides a panel for defining class name, no. of periods per day, periods in first half, weekdays, etc.

·         Any number of subjects or subject groups can be added into the provided fields.

·         It has options to add faculties and define their daily or weekly periods and availability.

·         After setting the mapping structures, you get a detailed list of faculty with their allocated subjects and class.

·         It also provides an option to add substitutes in case a faculty teacher is absent.

·         In the period definition panel, once you check your desired fields and select class-section-weekday-period combination, a time-table is generated automatically by the software.

·         It provides additional check options like class teacher only, no consecutive periods of same subject, one period free in the first half, etc. to distribute periods evenly among the department.

·         The program logic in the software provides suggestions of available teacher in order of priority if a faculty is on leave.

·         Such features in an educational software automates the whole process and distributes the workload evenly among faculties.

·         This auto-generated time table is always present in the database and can be edited anytime according to the requirements and circumstances of an institute.

·         This time-table can be viewed in the charts and reports panel class-wise, faculty-wise and subject-wise.

·         The charts of time-table are available for search and preview in different formats.

·         The reports file of generated time-table is provided in a separate folder in Html/PDF format.



This is how AcTime can be used for planning time-table optimally by schools, colleges, universities, coaching classes and other educational institutes.